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What's The Best Type Of Pool Filter

September 9, 2018

Every time I speak with a customer about their filter they ask me "what type of filter is the best?" Of course I have my preference, but does my preference really matter? It should because I'm the "expert", right??

If you ask any pool guy what the best type of filter is they will more than likely tell you the type they prefer. However I choose to take a different path. I usually respond with "Do you want perfect crystal clear water? Do you want easy maintenance? Depending on those answers I will guide the customer on which I think is best for them.

If they are a customer that wants very little maintenance I will tell them a sand filter might be the best for them. It is by far the least maintenance intensive filter, however it's also the worst in terms of filtration ability. Although they won't notice the difference in filtration between the different filter types (usually only a trained eye can tell the difference) I feel it's my duty to atleast let them know.

If they want absolute perfect filtration I would recommend a DE filter. DE filters will filter out the smallest particulate in pool water. However not only does it need to be backwashed periodically, it also needs DE added to it (which is an additional expense) and to be taken apart and cleaned every few months.

Then of course that leaves us with the cartridge filter.....cartridge filters are great with minimal maintenance compared to a DE filter, only needing to be opened up and cleaned every few months. The filtration ability is not as bad as a sand filter or but not better than the DE filter. Cartridge filters are however the best if you have an infloor cleaning system. Infloor systems need maximum water flow and pressure to operate effectively. Cartridge filters allow for maximum water flow rates compared to DE and cartridge filters.

So in conclusion, the best type of filter for you is truly based on your needs and wants. If you don't have any additional equipment requirements that would dictate you needing a cartridge filter it really comes down to maintenance and water quality. Think about what type of maintenance you can or want to deal with and how clear you want your water to be. Led those thoughts lead you to the type of filter that fits your needs.